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Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds
  • Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds
  • Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds
  • Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds
  • Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds
  • Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds
  • Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds
  • Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds

Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Products: Hydraulic pumping stations NOVA with mds

Hydraulic pumping stations alkitronic of the NOVA series with a remote control with a color digital display. (At the request of the customer, it is completed with an LCD display )

The alkitronic NOVA oil station is the highest - speed electric power station with a voltage of 100 - 253 V and a frequency of 45 - 66 Hz, it creates pressure up to 700 (800) bar to drive single - acting or double - acting hydraulic cylinders.
Supplied in "Duo" or "Quattro" version for connection and simultaneous use of two or four impact wrenches.
The rugged, compact design is built to withstand the toughest conditions.

The electronic panel has:
1) Main menu
a) "_Pr" - Selection of working pressure on the tool
b) "_t_" - Display of the current temperature
c) "_tn" - View the operating time after switching on
d) "_tt" - View the current time and date (information is displayed as a creeping line)
2) Advanced menu:
a) "_tn" - Total operating time
b) "tt_" - Setting the current time
c) "td_" - Setting the current date
d) "tS_" - Setting the minimum and maximum temperature at which
the system is allowed to operate.


LCD display has:

1. Selecting the current instrument 2. Current value of pressure in the system 3. Current temperature. 4. Current running time. 5. Current value of the system pressure setting 6. Manual mode indicator 7. Auto mode indicator 8.R - manual mode / pressure increase 9.A - automatic mode / pressure reduction 10. Settings menu button / emergency STOP in case of emergency situations (by holding the button for 2 - 3 seconds) 11. Error indicator. 12. Automatic pressure regulation.

The principle of operation of the control system:

The operation of the pressure control system on the tool is based on the use of a high - precision pressure conversion unit, which is read off the line by means of a high - precision pressure transducer. Further, on the basis of the obtained data, the mechanical - electric adjustment of the pump pressure setting valve takes place until the required value is set. The system turns off when the torque wrench reaches the specified torque. When operating in the "Duo" or "Quattro" configuration, the system automatically switches off one or more nutrunners only after reaching the specified torque (synchronization and uniformity of tightening is ensured).


During the entire period of operation of the system, the pressure on the tool is monitored in accordance with the selected value. If the pressure value on the tool deviates from the selected one, the system will display an error message on the indicator. If the temperature parameters of the system operation are exceeded, the system will display a message on the indicator and turn off the station. The alkitronic® Nova electro - hydraulic power packs have a documentation function that automatically generates a tightening / loosening report with pressure values, recording the final torque / turning angle. A secure USB port is located on the station's body to receive and save data. Benefits
  • High performance and speed thanks to advanced electronic control system, powerful motor and 3 - stage high - speed pump unit.
  • The simplest automatic mode of operation without the need for manual adjustment for nutrunners of any size.
  • Automatic pressure setting.
  • Automatic or manual operation can be selected with an ergonomically shaped remote control.
  • Low operating costs thanks to the maintenance - free brushless motor.
  • Work at low temperatures up to UHL 1
  • 24/7 operation thanks to ribbed casing and forced cooling system.
  • The station has a shockproof metal case.
  • Connection to the network of any international standard without the need for modifications.
  • Russian software.
  • Complete with a protective high - strength case for operation, slinging, transportation and storage.

Optimal delivery time: the average lead time is 7 - 14 days after signing the contract.

Delivery terms: (FCA, EXW and others as agreed with the customer).

Delivery: by a transport company, at the expense of the customer upon receipt of the order.

Form of payment: 100% advance payment.

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Own production:

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 23.11.2021

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